High strength medium and low temperature asphalt

Low carbon asphalt

· Low-carbon Asphalt is a energy-saving ashpalt pavement method which is produced and constructed about 40~60℃(110±10℃) lower than the existing hot mix asphalt.

· High strength and medium-low temperature asphalt pavement method that improves the mechanical and construction properties of asphalt mixtures by applying a medium-low temperature asphalt modifier(Zero-M)

Low carbon asphalt application

  • Roads with heavy vehicles
  • Industrial areas
  • Highways and motorways
  • Bridges, overpasses and underpasses 
  • Residential areas
  • Densely populated areas

Low carbon asphalt modifier (Zero-M)

  • Zero-M is used as an medium-low temperature asphalt modifier for low carbon asphalt.
  • Zero-M is an eco-friendly additive for the properties of medium-low temperature asphalt modifiers and the removal of odors from asphalt mixtures during production and construction of asphalt mixtures.

Properties of Zero-M

Styrene-Butadiene-StyreneAdhesive additives
  • Improved binder PG
  • Increased softening points 
  • and penetration
  • Increased elongation and 
  • tensile strength
  • Increased cold crack resistance
  • Ductile properties
  • Improvement of adhesive properties

Quality standard 


Low carbon asphalt

Marshall stabilityNover 5,000over 10,000over 10,000
Ari void(%)
%3 ~ 6
3 ~ 63 ~ 6
Flow1/10mm20 ~ 4020 ~ 4020 ~ 40
Dynamic stabilitymm
over 500over 3,000over 3,000
Tensile strength-over 0.80over 0.80over 0.80

Low carbon asphalt combined curve

Low carbon asphalt properities

PG properties

with Zero-M

Distance between asphaltene

molecules : 3.58A

with out Zero-M 첨가

Distance between asphaltene

molecules : 16.57A

4.6 times increased

Mashall stabity(N)

Dynamic stablilty(mm/times)

Tensile strength ratio

Production temperature

Co2 and gas reduction effect

Paving and compaction temperature

Asphalt mixture production temperature and energy saving effect


  • Application of the same construction equipment and construction method as for general asphalt pavement
  • The paving temperature of the asphalt mixture is 110±10°C and the compaction temperature(macadam) is 100±10°C
  • Opening to traffic is carried out when the surface temperature is below 40℃