Asphalt pavement in overlaying for deteriorated concrete pavement
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High-elastic asphalt pavement in overlaying for deteriorated concrete roads after spalling the concrete by an exclusive concrete crusher.


  • Effective reflection crack resistance from using the crushed concrete as a base (after compaction by rolling)
  • Protection of the underneath layer by forming waterproof layer
  • Reduction of pavement time and cost 
  • Eco-friendly pavement method without waste 


  • Deteriorated old concrete roads, sidewalks, and airfields
  • JCP (Jointed Concrete Pavement), JRC (Jointed reinforced Concrete Pavement), CRCP (Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
  • Factories, Distribution center, bank roads and riverside roads
  • Beltways with concrete in an island and concrete pavements at a harbor

Construction Procedures 

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