Speed Ro Pocket

Fast and convenient all-weather repair material for asphalt pavement

About Speed Ro Pocket

Speed Ro Pocket is an all-weather repair material that improved the disadvantage of existing burlap bags. It uses non-volatile binder that operator can put this product into a pothole as it is.

Registered at Public Procurement Service as an excellent product (Registration no. 2017076) *The only product registered at Public Procurement Service in South Korea.


- Construction viability in any weather or season (i,e. under rain)

- Fast and convenient construction

- Thorough quality control achieved through automated production factory

- Longtime storage due to the use of non-volatile binder

- Immediate traffic opening upon construction


- Potholes or cracks

- Overlay or partial repair

- Manhole's rim and height difference repair

Construction Procedures

Construction Cases