Fast and easy all-in-one repair material

EP Con is an easy and convenient all-in-one repair material with innovatively improved recovery function used for the deterioration spot of asphalt or concrete bridge, spalling, pothole, damaged expansion joint, height difference, repairing of manhole etc. with no equipment easily and conveniently as all-in-one product.


  • Fast hardening that allows early traffic opening (within 30 minutes) 
  • Construction viability in any weather, season or temperature (-10℃~40℃)
  • No previous primer process or equipment needed
  • Excellent weather proof, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
  • Outstanding freezing and thawing resistance
  • Strong adhesion to the bottom layer with high penetrability
  • Perfect waterproof


  • Urgent repair for spalling or pothole of asphalt or concrete pavement
  • Expansion joint of bridges or damaged part/height difference of joint
  • Rim of a manhole
  • Repair of the deteriorated spot on a bridge

Construction Procedures

Construction Cases