Self-adhesion repair tape for prevention of water permeation at gutter
L-shape Band

L-shape Band is self-adhesion type tape that can be folded to L shape used for gutter of a bridge or any other L shaped construction. It is an effective repair material that is waterproof, anti-weeds and anti-calcium chloride. It is also has elastic-sealant polymer composition that it is strong crack-resistance and does not need pre-process (heating or melting) or any other equipment at a site.


  • Fast and easy application
  • Immediate traffic opening
  • Portability due to a compact size
  • No equipment needed for the construction
  • Compatibility with asphalt & excellent durability
  • Waterproof, anti-weed, & anti-calcium chloride
  • Excellent chemical/crack resistance
  • No height difference due to thin width


  • L shaped joint
  • Surface crack and construction joint
  • Boundary of repaired section such as pothole

Construction Procedures

Construction Cases