SII 아스팔트

특수 개질재를 첨가한 내유동성 아스팔트

About SⅡ Asphalt

A modified asphalt concrete added with RMC modifier in plant mix method when producing asphalt mixture enhances rutting resistance, low temperature crack resistance, and fatigue resistance in repeated loading compared to the normal asphalt pavement.


- Modified asphalt by high viscosity RMC modifier
- High quality control by plant mix
- Excellent fluid resistance & rutting resistance
- Excellent fatigue resistance against repeated loading, low temperature cracking resistance & skid resistance
- General paving equipment

- Excellent constructability


- Highways & automobile-only lanes
- Heavy traffic city roads
- Bridges & overpasses
- Tunnels & underpasses
- Roads with serious rutting

Construction Procedures

Construction Cases