Eco-friendly bank protection method for protection of stream ecology

In site concrete construction for bank protection providing structural stability of the bank prosperity of plant growth by porous concrete holding much voids.


  • Securement of structural stability for bank protection
  • Preservation of ecosystem around a river and environmental development effect
  • Recover of various living creatures by providing habitat through an easy slope
  • Effective method for reducing recovery cost due to decreased natural disasters


  • River bank or a slope
  • Bank protection for reservoir, dam or shore

Construction Procedures

About Bio-coat

     A river protection method by creating plantation during sowing of a slope or bank protection.

Bio-coat Components

  • Wild herbaceous flowers, pioneer plants and tree plants  
  • Erosion control stabilizer and organic composite fertilizer           
  • Water and curing compound
  • Coloring material


  • Sowing seeds for tree planting by using polymeric material, eco-friendly curing compound, anti-erosion material and coloring material
  • Spraying seeds on a slope with high pressure pump to prevent seed-loss
  • Plant sprouting without providing nutrient
  • A stable slope by creating green land environment
  • Good environment for living creature
Example of Bio-coat seed mix
Example of Bio-coat seed mix

Construction Cases