Asphalt pavement with high durability & strength

About EPO-AS

Hot mix asphalt using epoxy resin as binder that has high strength, rutting resistance and durability. Commonly used for bridge pavement.


- Raised durability by increased strength
- Waterproof
- Strong resistance against vibration and impact
- Strong resistance against rutting of asphalt and crack
- Excellent constructability and facilitated quality control achieved by mechanical manufacture
- Traffic congestion relief via early opening 


- Repair pavement for steel decks and concrete bridges
- Roads with heavy traffic & checkpoints
- Underpasses, elevated bridges and over-bridges

Construction Procedures

About EP-Coat

The epoxy-primer that increases waterproofness and adhesion of concrete slabs, interface of old & new layers, and steel decks used for repair of the concrete or asphalt pavement including bridge deck pavement.


- Increased adhesion at the interface of steel deck or concrete slabs with EPO-AS for the bridge pavement
- Self-waterproofness function
- Increased adhesion at the interface of old & new layers for concrete or asphalt
- Excellent constructability and facilitated quality control 


- Steel decks or concrete bridge pavements
- Heavy traffic roads or checkpoints
- Underpasses, elevated bridges or over-bridges
- Bus-only lanes, ramps

Construction Cases