The Quiet Asphalt

Low-noise pavement excellent with long-lasting noise reduction

About The Quiet Asphalt

The Quiet Asphalt performs noise reduction over 7dB (8~11dB) compared to existing deteriorated asphalt and is non-permeable low-noise pavement with effective long-lasting noise reduction by no voids closing in operation.


-Excellent noise reduction more than 7dB compared to existing deteriorated roads
-Excellent long-lasting effect of noise reduction because of no voids closing in operation
-Easy maintenance & no need for the perforated drainpipe
-Excellent constructability due to the identical method and equipment used in the existing asphalt pavement


- Densely populated area with the road noise complaints.
- Schools, hospitals or government office area
- Roads requiring soundproof wall installation
- Roads requiring additional noise reduction

Effect of Noise Reduction

Construction Procedures (Cutting) 

Construction Procedures (Without Cutting)

Construction Cases