Recover Asphalt

Ultra-thin, 2cm, pavement of hot mix asphalt for deteriorated pavement

About Recover Asphalt

Pavement method that is eco-friendly and maintenance preventive. Below 2cm paving on top of existing deteriorated roads with NO cutting allows fast traffic opening which saves time and energy


- Ultra-thin layer pavement, 2cm
- Asphalt overlay on the existing deteriorated roads with NO cutting
- Excellent reflection crack resistance by using special asphalt modifier, CSM
- Excellent resistance against aggregate stripping, crack & rutting
- Fast opening to traffic due to no cutting of existing asphalt


- Roads that need recovery of damage function caused by long time usage
- Roads with cracks
- Roads causing civil complaints from construction noise & dust
- Existing damaged roads needed for re-pavement after cutting
- Tunnels, underpass, bridges, & airports

Construction Procedures

Construction Cases