High Elasticity Waterproof Asphalt 

Asphalt Pavement with High Elasticity and Waterproof

Asmell cut 

Asphalt odor removal additive

Asmell cut ? 

- Asmell cut is an asphalt deodorizer based on eco-friendly essential oils.

- Eco-friendly additives that improve the environment of plants, sites and workers by absorbing and decomposing harmful gases and odors such as     hydrogen sulfide and butyl aldehyde generated during the production of asphalt mixtures

    Apprication area

       - Asphalt production and manufacturing process

       - Asphalt mixture production process in asphalt plant

       - Asphalt pavement or asphalt work process (waterproofing, road repair)


Properties of Asmell cut

       - 100% eco-friendly and harmless additive

       - More than 99% odor removal effect

       - Applicable to all asphalt related products

       - Simple and easy to use

       - Excellent effect even in small amounts

Effect of Asmell cut

       - Removal of more than 99% of hydrogen sulfide, the main cause of                    odor in asphalt production

       - Removal of more than 90% of methyl mercapten-based harmful gases

       - Removal of over 90% of aldehyde-based harmful gases

Application field of Asmell cut

Asphalt modifier
Asphalt plantOil refineryAsphalt pavement siteHS-JOINT
- No smell 100 asphalt
- Add to AP
- Automatic input in asphalt plant
- Asphalt storage tank
- Shipment and transportation of AP- Macadam compaction(water solubility)- Hot mix asphalt