5mm 배수팔트

초박층 저소음 배수성 아스팔트

What is 5mm drainasphalt?

Ultra-thin low-noise drainage-asphalt pavement maximizes noise reduction with excellent smoothness & over 16% voids by using the biggest size of 5mm aggregate, and performs effective drainage in the rain.


- Ultra-thin pavement (2cm)
- Excellent for noise reduction by notable smoothness (over 8dB)
- Low traffic accident rate by lower hydroplaning & less splattering in the rain
- Excellent rutting-resistance, anti-stripping & skid-resistance
- Reduction of light reflection at night or in the rain


- Roads for the need of drainage or noise reduction
- Roads with black-ice anticipated
- Highway & local roads (roads for noise reduction from high-speed driving)
- densely populated area or around schools needed for noise reduction

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