Ultra-thin, 2cm, pavement of hot mix asphalt for deteriorated pavement

About Busphalt

- The addition of thermo-plasticity elastomer modifier to reinforce the resistance against rutting of asphalt by repeated heavy-stress of shearing force at bus-only lanes

- Restraining contraction from freezing-thawing in winter & reflection-crack by adding up fine fiber

- Strong resistance against rutting of asphalt and waterproof-ness by high-elasticity modified asphalt admixture in excellent durability  

Properties of Busphalt 

 - Super strong resistance against rutting of asphalt & water by adding up high-intensity epoxy & high-elasticity modifier.

- Notable reduction of the maintenance cost from the excellent resistance against rutting & cracks (Less potholes).

- Effective cost reduction of waste disposal from re-packaging, longer shelf life, and small production.

- Excellent adaptability by using the same machines & the same way of construction compared to the existing way.


- BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) (Bus-Only lane) & Bus-terminal

Procedure of the Busphalt 

Dual layer structure of Trucksphalt